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    I added a few event type in the event table and assign them different color.

    Then I use formula to calculate and set the channel stat.

    In the Scheme, i use “Status” as background color for “LED” and delete all conditions.

    It seems the status is calculated correctly, but the color is not working for the event type / status I added.

    event types

    the first number is the value of led input channel; the second value is the status of the led input channel


    achieve this using an alternative solution by adding a lot of condition to the led condition.

    but still wander about the when and how the custom event type work.

    tested item
    1. the channel status CAN be change to custom event type value.
    2. the event log can detect event change of custom event.
    3. the event log that detect event change of custom event are black, not custom event color.
    4. the led and dynamic picture set as “status” color are black, not custom event color.


    To simplify the situation, use Dynamic Text instead of led. Does the Status color work for Dynamic Text?

    On your image status is 1,003. But status is integer. Could you explain this?


    Because i set have an array of reading, i put them to different input channel. say 1000 or more. then I over laid them to a scheme. I want to use color to represent the temperature. so it form a line of temperature to simulate a power cable.

    about the text, the 1st text is the value of input channel 1.
    the 2nd text is the value of 2, which i set equal to status of channel 1.

    I use dynamic text to display the 2 values above. which have a 0,000 format.
    so 1003 will be display as 1,003


    In my culture settings 1,003 means 1.003 )) OK

    I created an example based on the HelloWorld project. I added led and set the following properties

    Using the Generator window in Administrator, I can change the led color by setting data, for example
    Channel = 105
    Value = 1
    Status = 14


    for the default event 1-5, 11-15 101-114, changing color works.

    but the custom event I added 1001-1010, changing color does’t work.


    Oh, the maximum status is 255. Change your status IDs.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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