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    I manage to read and write BaseDAT and Event of ArchiveDAT with the following description

    But I can’t find the similar description for ArchiveDAT. Is there any description for the hour/minute data of ArchiveDAT?

    I manage to read the hour/min data of ArchiveDAT accurately with a few try and error. But there are bytes I skipped and don’t fully understand. such as bytes separating timestamp. or separating bytes when total channel number changes.

    Sometimes I need to change the values in the archive data in volume, e.g. wrong formula during setup, after a month, I found the problem, calculate the value manually and want to overwrite the ArchiveDAT, so that end user can see the correct value when looking up history data.

    But because of some unknow bytes, I am not confident to overwrite the ArchiveDAT.

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    never mind, just found it hereā€¦

    Thank you for informing.
    I recommend to read and write data to the archive by interacting with SCADA-Server by TCP protocol. If you write to the files in parallel with the server, it may cause unpredictable issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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