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    when the user login the first time, the views are zoom to 100% by default.

    if the user’s screen resolution is lower than the scheme view, user can’t see the whole view until he clicks fit to screen/width.

    it seems the browser or server can remember the user’s last setting when user login next time.

    it would be better that the view can be set to fit to screen/width by default.


    Scale of a scheme is stored in browser cookies.
    To check this:
    1. Change the scheme scale.
    2. Logout and login again.
    3. Open the scheme.
    You should see the scale that was previously set.
    If it doesn’t work, please write here.


    The scale setting can be remember by browser, which is a nice solution.

    However, sometimes I wanted to force the browser use “fit to screen” every time the user open a scheme view, is there a way to do it?

    Because I usually use a very high-res map/cad drawings (e.g.6000×4000) as background image to allow user to zoom-in to see details. if it’s not “fit to screen” at the beginning, some user lost track of where they are looking at.


    “Fit to Screen” also remembered.

    For example,
    1. Open the demo.
    2. Open “Home scheme”
    3. Click the Fit to Screen button.
    4. Open “Server room scheme”
    5. You will see that the last scheme is also fit to screen.


    I mean no matter what scale the user choose previously, e.g. fit to width, 50%zoom, or 100%zoom before he close the web, next time he opens scheme view again, it will be “fit to screen”. is it possible?


    Currently no. However, it can be implemented in the future. Thank you for the idea.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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