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    Inconvenience of default events display and suggestions

    The default date filter is ‘today’. If an event is detected at 23:30, then it will be hide from the default page once after 00:00. user may not notice the event.

    I assume it’s because the performance consideration of the file system. since 1 file for 1 day of events. but since the event file is usually very small, reading a few days of event won’t cause too much time.

    It would be nice if the date filter can be set as date range, e.g. from ‘date 1’ to ‘date 2’. the default setting can be last week or last month.

    There is no filter for the event ‘Ack’ status. after an event is acked, it still shows by default.

    Usually user is more concern about the events that newly detected by not yet acked.

    It would be nice if adding filter option for ‘ack’ status. the default setting can be not acked.


    What Event Log are you talking about? built-in or optional from the repository ?


    I suppose, the default event panel is meant.

    , thank you for the ideas. Will see what we can do in v6.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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