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    Usually I have a Chrome browser for SCADA web running 7×24.

    Previously, the date picker of Events will auto update to “today” as selected date, if the user never manually pick any date.
    *** Something I wonder it’s a feature or bug, If user ever select any date, then select “today” again, it will stop auto update in the future. ***
    So every time when I after inspection of a system, I restart the web page to make it able to auto update date picker.

    But don’t know since when, the date picker will stuck on the date when the webpage loaded, and will never auto update. If user refresh the whole web page, the date will become “today” again.



    When a new date begins, the expected behavior is that an operator should manually change the date picker. However, our customers often ask to change date automatically at midnight.

    So, automatic change of current date will be included (and already implemented) in Rapid SCADA 6. It affects table views. The event panel at the bottom has no date picker and shows the specified number of recent events. To get events for the selected date, a report should be generated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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