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    Is it possible to write additional data to the historical DB, for example to comment a high value logged a day ago?
    If it possible? Can that only be done by the Web-Interface (then User must be checked, cause not everyone must be able to alter the comment).
    Or maybe is it possible to use a 3rd Party Software to connect to the DB (port 1000) and write Data to it, so it is only displayed in a Table View (for example a comment at yesterdays date 12:00).
    How should the Data Fields be defined in the SCADA-Administrator (they must not be connected to a device right?)?




    I think, comments should be inserted into event tables. The format of event tables allows to write 50 bytes of auxiliary event data. Is it enough? If it is not enough, another storage must be used.

    Anyway custom development is required for the forms for entering data and showing inserted comments.

    Could you provide more details of your question about SCADA-Administrator?
    Also it is possible to use one of the popular DBMS to solve your task.


    Hello Mikhail

    Currently I am thinking about the possibilities of Rapid Scada.
    Gathering data to put them on the network available is an interesting feature.
    An example:
    Currently data from PLCs is logged daily to a specific time and later supplemented with laboratory data. All this is be done by using Excel.
    I wonder if it is possible that Rapid SCADA would store the PLCs data (by using OPC) in its database.
    A great feature would be to add laboratory measurements with the date/time stamp the laboraytory sample has been taken.
    People would be able to look back historicly at the lab data together with the PLC data.
    Right now they insert the laboratory data into an excel sheet and print it out. Next day the data will be overwritten and only the printed report is left.



    By the way..
    Which DBMS can be used to establish a connection to Rapid Scada?
    Is there a description how to connect to Rapid Scada by using a dbms or a 3rd Party Software?


    Rapid SCADA uses its own data format for storing archives by default.
    May be for your task the optimal way is using standard DBMS. It depends on a way how data is processed and shown.
    There is ModDBExport.dll – a SCADA-Server module. It allows online export data to Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. The examples of settings is in dbexport_en.pdf in the installation package.


    Integration with Rapid SCADA article describes how to access to Rapid SCADA native data programmatically.


    A ODBC Connection is not possible right?


    OLE DB connection is possible instead of ODBC.


    Hello Mikhail,

    I have a “basic question” (there are no stupid questions): after I have connected the module ModDBExport.dll, which program can I use the SQL data base with? I have found the description in dbexport_en, but honestly speaking I don’t understand is it a mater of Administrator or Communicator.

    Thank you in advance



    You should:
    1. Choose what type of DBMS to use: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
    2. Install DBMS software.
    3. Create a database using DBMS tools.
    4. Create tables and indexes by the scripts from dbexport_en.pdf
    5. Open ModDBExport properties and configure them.
    6. Restart SCADA-Server service.
    7. You can use Generator of SCADA-Server to emulate new values.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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