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    First off I’ve been using RapidScada in some tests and I really think this project is pretty cool and easy to setup.

    I have some PLCs in remote locations and i would like to have only 1 page for each one, where there would be displayed about 4 charts and a dozen buttons.
    Is it possible to have these 2 elements in same window?
    (You see I base my decision on whether to activate the commands of the buttons by looking at the progression on the charts.)

    I’ve seen the suggestion of creating new elements using the existing elements as examples and there is also the JavaScript API example which doesn’t seem to work for me (

    I’m not by any means experienced in programming (outside of PLC language) or web applications but I could learn and develop something since now I have some time in my hands, I would just need to be pointed in the right direction even if it is vague.



    I think, programming is not needed for this task.
    There is a frame component included in Extra Scheme Components Plugin. It allows to insert a chart into a scheme. If this is what you need, I can provide more details. To discuss the existing features, it’s better to create a new topic in Understanding the Software subforum.


    This worked.
    It is exactly what i needed.

    Thanks Mikhail

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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