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    – In the code ClientBase.cs, the last field is ClientMode. The protocol document left out the last field ClientMode. It seems to need update.

    – File length field in Fnc 0x0102 GetFileInfo response seems to be always 0. Maybe should mark as unimplemented.

    – How do you get path to logs ?
    When I try to use the following path I only got error 0x8103 0x8102:

    \x03\x04\x00\x00                       //Server+Log 
    \x1e\x00ModArcInfluxDb_MinCopy.log.bak  // just b/c this log is bigger
    // or RelativePath(TopFolder.Server, AppFolder.Log, "ModArcInfluxDb_MinCopy.log.bak");
    // IllegalArgument
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    I’ve updated Application Protocol 3.0.pdf

    Use ScadaTestClient-v6.zip from this folder to test getting file info.

    I will check why file length is 0.


    ScadaServer can return file size only for files in the Views folder. Source code.
    In the above example, you request info about log files. So you should request ScadaAgent, not ScadaServer.

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