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    hello, I am currently working with rapid scada v6, I am running into one problem:

    I have Modbus TCP line and device connected and communicated, I have several holding registers in element group set up with bit mask. When i create channel and generated the channel, the server will be errored, i can see ‘ (389,48): error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from ‘Scada.Data.Models.CnlData’ to ‘double’
    in the server log. However, if there is no bit mask for the holding registers, after I created the channel, the server will be normal and functional. Please advise what would be the potential issue.

    Also, I am wondering how I can update the channel if I add more registers in element group later on? is adding them one-by-one the only way to do it?




    Thank for the issue report. It’s important.
    The Bit mask checkbox of a Modbus element does not affect how device is polled, but it affects generating channels based on the Modbus template. Probably, there is an error in channel formula. I will check and write back (next week).

    The channel wizard can add new channels. It does not update the existing channels. In a preview window, remove the unnecessary channels and add only channels for new registers.


    To fix this error, open your project in Administrator, open the Scripts table and add a new row containing the function:

    public double SetBit(CnlData cnlData, int n, double isOn)
        return cnlData.Stat > 0
            ? SetBit(cnlData.Val, n, isOn)
            : double.NaN;

    The fix will be included in the next Rapid SCADA release.


    error fix, thanks Mikhail!


    Thanks for finding this!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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