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    Washu Hakubi

    Hi, so as i said before on the other post:

    I tryed adding a new Role called “TestRole” as number 5, i whent to Users and created the user “Test” as number 20, i whent to right pages and i added the all my pages to it, put the TestRole on it and i clicked on the view checkbox.
    Passed to server restarted both server and comunication and i whent to page and tryed logging. It opens the page in blank and say “The requested view does not exist or you have insufficient rights to access it.”

    And replied by

    Issue 1. You have to grant access to “folders” which are separate records in Interface table.
    If it doesn’t help, post screenshots of the tables, please.

    Here are the screenshots of my tables:


    Here are the Screenshots of the folders:
    Interface Folder
    Refrigere Folder
    ServoTestT Folder

    And here is the main page and the user profile page:
    Main Page
    User Profile Page


    In the last screenshot the role is Disabled. But in Users table the user Test has TestRole. Are all of these happen at the same moment?


    Well, I guessed.
    The minimum ID of your custom role must be 11 or more.
    IDs from 0 to 10 are reserved.

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    Washu Hakubi

    ok ty, changed to 11 now it is working.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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