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    I have some questions about output channels:

    1.- The parameter Number (written in russian language), is an internal ID number or is the number of the channel used to connect to the devices?

    2.- What is the parameter command number? what function it has?

    3.- What kind of information is sent to output channels in the different command values? I mean:
    Off sends 0 to output channel
    On sends 1
    Alarm commands 1…
    Something like this or not?


    Hello Teleco,

    1. Number is internal. It is needed for associating different information with a command.

    2. Command number is sent to SCADA-Communicator when you send a command. It is processed by device driver. For example, you can bind Modbus command to a specified command number from the configuation database. Comamand number field is similar to Signal field.

    3. If Command values field in Output channels table is not set you can directly input a value of command. If it is set the value of command is an index of the selected list value. Often you need to convert value according to device specification using formula of output channel.


    Thanks for Number in Russian issue. It will be fixed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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