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    $…/scada-v6/ScadaAdmin/ScadaAdmin/ScadaAdmin/bin/Release/net8.0-windows$ dotnet ./ScadaAdmin.dll

    You must install or update .NET to run this application.

    App: …/scada-v6/ScadaAdmin/ScadaAdmin/ScadaAdmin/bin/Release/net8.0-windows/ScadaAdmin
    Architecture: x64
    Framework: ‘Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App’, version ‘8.0.0’ (x64)
    .NET location: /usr/share/dotnet

    Hi Mik, how are you. Does this work the same way for you ?

    I already have dotnet 8 installed, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to compile it. Plus it works on windows with dotnet8 RT installed.

    I have mono installed to test and debug for existing RS5 instance on Linux. I suspect it’s mono fiddling with the dotnet assembly. If so, is there anyway around this ?



    I’m good. Thank you. Hope you are well too.

    You could try to run ScadaAdmin by the command
    dotnet ScadaAdmin.dll
    to be sure that it is not run under Mono.

    Is it on Windows?


    OK, there are some path issue when running with wine dotnet ScadaAdmin.dll.
    No language file is loaded, on both wine and windows. I guess some path func changed behaviour.
    (Also clicking on any menu will lead to crash, which only happens on wine).
    On Windows if I click Tools>Language, an error pops up:

    [Error Caption]
    Can not find a part of the path c:\program files\dotnet\lang

    But publish ... --os win does create an exe that I can run under wine. With the ScadaAdmin.exe loader running from the same path setup, everything works ok on both Linux/wine and Windows.

    With mono I can’t execute any linux native loader for dotnet assembly, e.g. ScadaAdmin ScadaServer. I guess it’s not possible to work around this without issue (considering the above path issue without loader).

    This is not a bug report but more of an observation though.

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    I suppose, Mono is outdated.
    To use ScadaAdmin with Wine, build it using the following command:

    dotnet publish ScadaAdmin.sln -c Release -r win-x64 --self-contained true -p:PublishReadyToRun=true -p:PublishSingleFile=true -p:IncludeNativeLibrariesForSelfExtract=true
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