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    Hi Mikhail,

    I am connecting an actuator by using RS485 communication line. I managed to communicate the actuator by reading its opening percentage number.

    Now I want to write command into the actuator to change its opening percentage. I created a scheme editor with a button with send command action and mapped to an output channel with command number 1.

    I entered a number of 10000 from web browser and successfully write the 10000 into the actuator. The actuator then opened to 100%.

    My problem occur when I want to use formula at the output channel; I insert Cnl*100 into formula because I wish to enter a number of 100 in stead of 10000 in order for the actuator to receive command 10000.

    But I saw write command 0 into the actuator and the actuator close to 0% after I entered 100 from web browser. Pls advice for what should I do.

    My output channel screenshot:


    My communicator device screenshot:


    Thank you.


    For commands, Cmd (command value) must be used, and Cnl (channel value) is used for input channels


    Hi manjey73,

    I change to use Cmd and it’s worked.
    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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