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    Greetings, Happy Thanksgiving

    I am new to RapidScada. Before you roll your eyes, I’m sorry to come off as a novice. Can someone please provide a step by step installation and setup of the MQTT plugin. If possible a video example like the setup video of Modbus on youtube.

    I looked at the rapidscada’s doc section, github’s description and nothing shows where to place kpmqtt.dll, kpmqtt_config, job, jint.dll. I gather so far, ScadaComm directory. kpmqtt.dll —> KP? kpmqtt_config —> config? Where do the job & jint files go???

    Can someone please hold my candyass hand? I would really appreciate a working example of setting up MQTT and a simple subscribe / publish to a broker; and printing it to dynamic text.

    I’ve been using Mango Automation, Wonderware and would like to switch to RapidScada. Thanks alot.

    Humbly yours


    We have posted a brief instruction in English recently. Maybe you will find it useful. In the manual we can get an example of configuring KpMQTT_Config.xml

    You need to place
    1.kpmqtt.dll file in the folder C:\SCADA\ScadaComm\KP
    2.kpmqtt_config file in the folder C:\SCADA\Projects\TestProject\Instances\Default\ScadaComm\Config
    3.jint.dll file in the folder C:\SCADA\ScadaComm\KP
    4.file job.js in the folder C:\SCADA\ScadaComm\KP

    This driver was developed by our community, and at the moment the Rapid SCADA team has begun to finalize the driver.

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    Hi GreenFoxx,

    I appreciate your reply. I moved the files to their appropriate directories; however, I’m still trying to figure out how set everything up in Rapdiscada.

    The following is a good start:

    unfortunately, it still doesn’t help setup rapidscada. I can create a communication line… but the instructions say to link the mqtt configuration file. How is that done?

    I would really appreciate a step by step setup of rapidscada with MQTT. It’s easy for the developer that designed it, but not the end user.

    Thank you


    I am having similar issues where should i place MQTTCore and Properties folders for mqtt installation?


    Brief instruction
    1. Make sure that the library is available in the driver list.
    Communicator-> Drivers.
    Here you will see lists of available drivers. The KpMqtt.dll should be on the list.

    2. Add device type to the Dictionaries.
    Configuration Database->Dictionaries->Devices Type
    For example:
    ID Name DLL Filename Description
    (Last ID)* MQTT KpMqtt.dll MQTT driver

    3. Add Communication line.
    Configuration Database->System->Communication line
    For example:
    Number Name Description
    21 MQTT MQTT

    4. Add devices.
    Configuration Database->System->Devices
    For example
    Number Name Device Type Communication line Description
    42 MQTTtest MQTT MQTT MQTTtest

    Other fields are empty

    5. Add input channel.
    Configuration Database->System->Input channels
    Before to this, you need to update data. Stand on the ‘input channel’, right-click and click on the ‘Refresh’ button
    For example for [42] MQTTtest (here name devices)
    Number Active Name Channel Type Object Device Signal
    600 V mqttparam1 Calculate Real Enterprise MQTTtest 1
    601 V Mqttparam2 Calculate Real Enterprise MQTTtest 2
    602 V Mqttparam3 Calculate Real Enterprise MQTTtest 3

    Other fields are empty
    * Number, Name must be the same like in configuration file

    6. Upload Configuration

    7. Configure MQTT
    Instances->Communicator->Communication Line
    Stand on the ‘Communication Line’, right-click and click on the ‘Import’ button. Select communication line [21]MQTT (for example)
    Line Parameters contains 3 tabs.

    1. Main Parameters
    Here you can see the name and number communication line. In our example, number 21
    2. Custom Parameters
    Can be empty.
    3. Request Parameters
    Add following data:
    In our example:
    Number: 42 (number device)
    Name: MQTTtest
    Driver: KpMqtt.dll
    Command line: KpMQTT_Config.xml

    8. Save and upload configuration

    9. Start line (Stand on the [21]MQTTest, right-click and click on the ‘Start line’ button)

    10. If everything is configured correctly, on the tab
    Communication line->[21]MQTT->[42]MQTTtest you can see data. In our Example.


    cheers, still confused where two place the two directories MQTTCore and Properties


    Thanks a lot for your time GreenFoxx… I’ll play around with your guide tonight and reply back.

    Thank you again



    Hello, thanks you for time GreenFoxx! I had did all steps that you guided but still can not finish my project.
    It said :
    State : error.
    No device tags
    No archive data
    No events
    No commands

    Idk how to do now. Please give me a hand.

    Best regards!


    We’ve just added a new video
    Perhaps it will be useful to you


    ok now i can do both the PUB and the SUB, this is my video .. congratulations for this nice job done by you

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    Thanks a lot for the video!


    please help me

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    Could you please check Configuration Database->Dictionaries->Device Type column DLL Filename
    You need to write KpMqtt.dll (pay attention to the case of letters)

    Also could you please check Line Parameters ->Request Sequence text DLL.
    You need to write KpMqtt.dll (pay attention to the case of letters)

    In your picture KpMQTT (MQTT in uppercase)

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    The message in the screenshot is not a error. You should check communication line log.
    Where did you download KpMqtt.dll from?


    when i use “KpMqtt:v5.0.0
    @2mik 2mik released this on 11 Sep · 10 commits to master since this release
    KpMqtt: rename KpMqttConfig1”

    i have this error “Error getting device interface type from the library KpMqtt.dll: An attempt was made to load an assembly from a network location which would have caused the assembly to be sandboxed in previous versions of the .NET Framework. This release of the .NET Framework does not enable CAS policy by default, so this load may be dangerous. If this load is not intended to sandbox the assembly, please enable the loadFromRemoteSources switch. See for more information.”

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