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    I am having problems updating webstation data.
    The data takes a long time to update and there are apparently no error messages.
    I share video and log files.


    Could you provide access to the link for all?


    Soon, my apologies.


    Current data are stored in the file C:\SCADA\ArchiveDAT\Cur\current.dat
    First of all, let’s check that data are changed in this file. To do that, open Administrator – … – Server – Archive – Current Data, then click the View button.

    What would be the result of this check?
    Other question: how many events are generated per day? Events are displayed in the bottom panel of Webstation.


    Thanks for your answer. I have no events scheduled.
    0 events are generated.
    Probe change the setting from 1 second to On change in:
    Server / Saving Parameters / Current data = On change and it was solved.
    Thanks for your help.


    Now a question.
    If webstation depends on the data recorded in current data.
    and the minimum time is 1 second or when the value changes.
    that is the minimum time to update what is seen in webstation.
    Then set an update time of 500 ms.
    is it completely irrelevant?


    Good that the issue is solved. I recommend to use RAM-drive for storing current data and Communicator logs. Saving on change may cause a lot of HDD/SDD writing and reduce its life.

    > If webstation depends on the data recorded in current data.
    To see new data on a web page:
    1. Data should be written on disk.
    2. Web page should be refreshed.
    So the total time may include the both timeouts.

    We plan to improve this mechanism in the future and receive current data from memory instead of disk.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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