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    Please find the screenshot as shown as above.

    I would like to add 40008 register address and the indicated box Address cannot be edited or changed. In order to add 40008, I need to add the un-necessary input channel numbers 40006 and 40007 and then I can add 40008 register address.

    Please advise if this is the method to solve the issue for adding the register address not in a continuous sequence order. eg 30001, 30004, 30006.


    Hi, I think it’s a feature related to modbus protocol.
    Each element group equals 1 modbus request command, which can only get upto 100 consecutive address.

    to add 30001, 30004, 30006, it can be done by adding 1 element group of read holding register (0x03) with starting elelment address 1 and elelment count of 6.
    when creating input channels, singals 1,4,6 can be used while singals 2,3,5 can be ignored.
    this is the fastest way because there will be only 1 modbus request.

    another way is to add 3 element gourps of read holding register (0x03) with starting address 1,4,6 respectively.
    this way is slower beacause there will be 3 requests.
    you will slao need to config the dalay between each requst in communication line settings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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