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    What is the Rapid SCADA Modules Repository? This is a database that contains information about modules that are developed by both the Rapid SCADA team and users from our community. Modules can be free and paid. If the module is paid, it is sold by the developer himself, we only provide information about it.

    If the module is free, then the following order of its registration is recommended.
    Put the sources and releases on GitHub: example. In the root directory of a specific module, place the documentation in file.

    The download link in the repository looks like this:
    Where DrvPingJP is the search term. GitHub only searches for whole words by a release or tag name. Therefore, check that your releases can be found. Recommended release name and tag format: DrvPingJP v6.0.0.2. There must be a space after the module code.

    If the module is paid, place the files for download on a cloud drive. Each module has its own folder, which contains the files of the module of different versions. Example.


    For the module you need to specify:
    – Home page. This is the page of your website where the module is presented. If there is no website, start a new topic on this forum.
    – Documentation. This is a link to your website or GitHub.

    After the data for publication is prepared, write to us by email.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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