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    Good Day,

    I want to view the events list at the bottom of the screen, but I am using integer values to determine certain states and the description only shows the value of the actual integer. The operator will not understand the description if it is an integer value…

    Is it possible to manipulate the events register to display any other data in the the description column?


    Input channel 1 = 1 (state of field device healthy)
    Event description displays “Healthy”
    Input channel 1 = 2 (state of field device faulty)
    Event description displays “Faulty”




    If I understand you correctly, you should
    1. Set the Enumeration type for the input channel
    2. Create a new row in the Units table to specify possible values (see Off-On, for example) and select the create unit for the channel.
    Event descriptions should show the states as text.


    Thanks for the advice,

    But I’m still struggling with this one a bit…

    I can edit the channel properties like this:

    Quantity = STATE
    Format = ENUM TEXT
    Unit = ON / OFF
    Upper Alarm Limit = 2

    The description indicates the following:

    Channel Value = 3 / Event Description “Alarm High: ON” / Colour of text is green
    Channel Value = 2 / Event Description “Normal: ON” / Colour of text is green
    Channel Value = 1 / No Event
    Channel Value = 0 / No Event

    If I transition the channel value from 3 down to 0, then the description is “Normal:OFF” and it’s in red…

    Is this correct, or did I not configure it correcty?

    Perhaps I did not understand the point number 2 in your reply correctly??

    Is there any way I can add my own text to display as the event description?



    I suppose, you don’t need limits for enumeration channels. Just use events on change.
    Create your own custom unit: Faulty; Healthy
    If a controller sends values 1 and 2, you can use a formula to make it 0 and 1.

    If you have 2 states:
    State 0 is green
    State 1 is red.

    If you have 3 or more states, the default color is black. You can specify color by setting channel status by a formula. Status defines a color.


    Thanks Mikhail,

    I’m making progress at least…. I created the channels and used the different states to change colour. It works well.

    I just cant figure out how to create my own custom unit… I dont see any option for that… All options I see in the units table are the pre defined units, and they dont include a “Custom Unit” selection…

    Do I have to create a seperate channel as TEXT format and use a formula to do it?




    I finally found the settings in the dictionaries, under the tabs “UNITS”, “EVENT TYPES”….

    Now the event description is working!!

    Please just give me an example of the formula used to change the state of a channel, so I can assign the correct colours to the events as well.



    A formula would be close to
    Cnl >= 2 ? 0 : 1

    If you also want to calculate channel status
    Cnl >= 2 ? 0 : 1; Cnl >= 2 ? 201 : 202
    where 201 and 202 are status IDs

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    Thank you,

    I’ll play around with it until I get it to work… At least now I’m on the right path!

    Tell me, is there a way we can swop the direction of the event messages around? Instead of having the latest event appear at the bottom, can we change it to appear at the top?



    Event order is hardcoded. The list is scrolled down automatically if a user don’t touch it for some period (about 1 min).

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