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    Dear Mikhail,

    I try to use excel formula in elastic report xml, but no luck.
    I want to use this formula =COUNTIF(range of the column above;”ON”), and column width option — without success

    TimeData type is used.
    <ColumnGroup name=”Stat”>
    <Column name=”Thermostat_On_OFF” cnlNum=”1007″ calcType=”Val” Width=”33″ />
    here count cells with content “ON”
    <Column name=”Window_Open_On_OFF” cnlNum=”1009″ calcType=”Val” Width=”13″ />
    here count cells with content “ON”

    The expected result is that under of each column I have the formula which counts the cells with text “ON”, and the columns with is also set. I try with <Field> but that was not really that what I want.

    Is there any possibility to have this in xml? Could you please help on this?


    In ElasticRepExample.xml there is a formula example:
    <Cell calcType="Formula" value="=SUM(RC[-3]:RC[-2])" />

    The best way to get correct formula, is generating report without a formula, then open it in Excel, insert formula, save in the XML 2003 format and see what formula is in the file.


    Hello, this part (xml) is a bit difficult for me and when I opened a report after modification I was shocked 🙂 , so I developed an other way to have the information: based on your posts I’ve put together a counter for each on/off channels, and now I can use more easily ElasticReport with the calcType=”Diff”.
    Thanks for your kind help, problem is solved now.


    and now I can use more easily ElasticReport with the calcType=”Diff”

    Nice that simple solution is possible.
    Formulas like “=SUM(RC[-3]:RC[-2])” generated by Excel. It’s impossible for human 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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