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    Hallo Forum…

    We are looking for developer in India (preferably in / near Pune, Maharashtra) for our RapidSCADA development work.

    Please contact us on /

    We want to develop SCADA for data acquisition for Steam Turbine Generator Application and use it for further analysis.

    Development to be made in Windows (as preferred by RapidSCADA). Deployed in Ubuntu or Windows Clients & Server for our customers (End Users)

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    Hallo Forum,

    This is in continuation to the thread below…

    please contact us for the development work …

    please not that my official mail id is temporarily changed to due to domain name server issue.

    Await your inputs as we need to roll out as soon as possible..

    Dear Sir your vast contact list might help us find out developers in India. Can you please share if you know any?


    What do developers in India mean? you can install and configure Scada remotely, only a person who will connect the wires and an IT specialist are needed on site


    We are very much beginner in SCADA environment, though we program HMIs from Schneider (Proface) for a very long time now.

    RapidSCADA will be used as base for Acquiring & Storing data as base level. We intend to use the stored database for further analysis (Predictive Maintenance, Integration with Odoo ERP. They might need to write development codes to our requirement.

    For this purpose having a Development team in India will be more suitable. Developer might need to do site visits in certain cases and since we might be able to meet, development time can be reduced.

    Please do let us know if there are any such contacts in India or Users in India for RapidSCADA.


    Maybe you should train your Rapid SCADA engineers and become our partner in India.

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