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    Hello Mikhail/Manjey, I’m running a pilot project using Rapid scada (RS).
    I have a remote site server running RS and a central server running RS, and both communicate through rapid gate. The remote site project uses abt 800 channels numbers which is the same channel number for the central server.

    my challenge is this: if i want to implement same for 5 other remote site server to communicate with the same central server, must I change the channel numbering on those other 5 stations?
    Is it possible to group the first remote site 800 channels as group A, while the next 5 remote site stations as group B,C,D,E,F without changing the numbers and also have the central server differentiate these 5 stations based on their grouping irrespective of their similar channel numbers? (It will be too stressful if we have to change them individually).


    As far as I know, in the current version of Gate, it is possible to have the same channels on remote servers if the same type of installations. And on the central server, you just clone channels, after setting up the first remote server, then when setting up the second remote server, you simply change the bindings in the Gate settings to the new channels of the central server. Example. You set up the first remote server with channel numbers 1-800 with transmission to the central one also at 1-800, then you clone channels on the central server 1-800 at 1001 – 1800 and when you start the second remote server, you set up communication 1-800 (remote server) at 1001-1800 central. And so on for subsequent servers. I don’t know how it will be in the 6th version, there should be identifiers of a different type and it may be easier.


    Hello manjey. Thanks for this. I did not know we could do this with current version.


    I suggest to create all channels within a single project, and have unique channel numbers for each site. Then create deployment profiles for the sites with different object filters. After that upload project using the created deployment profiles.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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