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    For a modbus device, I have a several output channels, and all of them worked without problems. For some reason, now output channels 1-3 dont work any more, but the funny thing is that output channels 1-4 have exactly the same configuration.
    The entries in the output channel table are exactly the same besides the channel number, in the communicator they are exactly the same besides the channel number and register adress, and in the user interface they use the same type of toggle switch, just with a different chennel number.
    When I press the toggle switch for output chennel 1, 2 or 3, I see an entry in the ScadaServerSvc.log: “Command is canceled”. For command number 4, it works without problems.

    I already tried to edit some fields in the database, in case there is something corrupt in the line, but nothing changes.
    As a workaround, I created new output channels, with are exact copies of output channel 1-3, and they work, but I would be really interested to know what is wrong here.

    Thanks for help!


    Note: the system is running 5.8.0 on a raspberry pi, upgraded from 5.5.2 about 2 months ago. I think I already used the channels since the upgrade, but I’m not sure.


    Please create the screenshots of the settings and provide logs.


    Output channels:
    Output channels

    communicator settings:
    command 1
    command 20


    In the server log, you can see, that command 4 is working, command 1 not. I made an exact copy of command 1 as command 20, and it works.

    All other logs show are as expected. Web is passing all the commands to the server. Communicator reveives commands 4-22, but for command 1-3 it doesnt receive the commands from the server, so nothing to see in the log.


    Thank you for the screenshots.
    Do you use any modules with SCADA-Server?
    This issue may be caused by DB Export module.


    Thanks, that was the problem!

    I enabled the DB Export plugin, and just for testing, I used manual export with outchannels 1-3, so there was this in the configuration of the DB Exoprt:


    As it was just for a test, I didn’t remeber it any more. I removed the 3 lines, and now it works.


    Definitely. That’s what I mean asking about used modules.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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