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    Hi to all:

    I’m here with a question…

    How I can configure a cold start of a Rapid Scada project?

    I mean, if the server with the Rapid Scada proyect must be restarted, the most of the administrator or scada operators wait for a restart with out logins forms.

    Another example, whats happens if the electric source is interrupted for a brief time? the operator(s) must be look the SCADA system as (s)he view it the last time without need to move any finger.

    By now, I can configure Windows to start with autologon, and start automatically the browser but… RapidScada wait for a user/password yet.

    Thanks and I’m waiting for any feedback.




    Anyway, it’s needed to modify the web application.

    Possible approach of implementation:
    – A user have to tick Remember me on logon.
    – Change JS not to redirect to Login.aspx, if it is impossible to check that user is logged on.
    – Restore logon by JavaScript in the master page.

    If a user doesn’t tick Remember me, it’s impossible to automatically log him in after restart of a web server.


    Option 2.
    Create a plugin that automatically login any user with the same username when he opens a web page of Rapid SCADA.


    But if a browser shows the error page (e.g., Server Unavailable), user at least have to refresh page manually.


    Login behavior will be improved in the next version of Rapid SCADA. You should try it when the new version will be published.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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