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    Washu HakubiWashu Hakubi

    Hi just to give some suggestion for after the new web application release, btw is there an official release date for it?

    I’m yet to test the ChartPro and ChartList add-ons too see how they work, but for chart purpose, Chart.js is a free open source solution for generation lost of different kinds of animated charts that update in real time. The charts are made with JavaScript, its not hard to use if you know a little of JavaScript and the documentation its very good.

    For graphics like gauges, bars, loading bars, buttons, and other stuff that looks nice, D3.JS is another free open source solution. It’s a JavaScript library to easy work with HTML DOM. It is also good for making charts but chart.js is a lot easier to use for that purpose. D3.JS can be used to make anything but, it has a kinda big learning curve.

    Some nice examples with D3.JS.
    Hierarchical Edge Bundling
    Epicyclic Gearing
    Directed Graph Editor

    D3.JS could be good for a Scada-Scheme 2.0, like to have some Buttons, Leds, Gauges, Bar and other HMI like items, built in with a color change for leds and buttons and a color and limits change for the built in gauges, bars and other stuff like that. And also to give support to SVG on Scada-Scheme.

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    The planned release of the new web app is the end of summer 2016. I hope beta version will apear earlier. It is not official date because there is no contract for this work.

    Thank you for the links, I will take them into account. The difficult thing is integrating existing components into the project’s environment. Sometimes it’s more effective to take the idea and some code, and create an own control.

    If you are a developer, let’s join to Rapid SCADA development. The new web app has module structure, you can create plugins and publish them to to allow people using them. It’s very exciting 🙂

    Washu HakubiWashu Hakubi

    Well maybe later i might, I’m a java desktop developer and integrator, so well I’m still to find a real difference between C# and Java idk who is copying who but someone is copying someone.

    But for web applications I’m still learning, HTML5 and CSS3 makes everything a lot easier than it was the last time i used HTML and CSS with was 5 years ago, but i never used JavaScript for more then handling forms or automatic page reload, now I’m trying to make graphics with D3JS for my client, and let say that the pointer in my gauge is either invisible or static, and when it’s static, it’s not in the place that i want it to be.

    I’m working in 2 projects for my clients and studying for the university admission exams, for now time is something i don’t have.

    I really like this SCADA project, the industry don’t have anything similar, for free i mean, everything have those absurd licenses prices based on tag, communications lines, devices and so on.

    So when I have some time, i can see if i can help.


    As for me, at my previous work I switched from .NET to Java EE. The ideas and approached of these platforms are more similar than different. For now, development moves to client programming, I mean HTML, JavaScript and CSS, those are vendor independent, and this trend makes me happy ))

    If you decide to join Rapid SCADA development, I’ll help you to start and understand the concept of the project classes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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