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    Washu HakubiWashu Hakubi

    Hi, i want to change the color of the table, with css is it?
    I tried scada.css, tableView.css and evTable.css but i still can’t change the table colors.
    I want to change the table header color and to make the table have only 1 background, at the moment its have alternating background color every 2 lines.
    I also want to change the color of the event title line.

    What is the .css or the .asp file for that?



    You can easily the find the answer with help of Chrome. Press F12 and find the element by a mouse. Chrome displays the css file and line number.

    I recommend not to waste much time, because the web app will be totally redesigned.


    I you don’t find the answer with Chrome, I’ll help you, OK?

    Washu HakubiWashu Hakubi

    Oh, thank you i forgot i could do that.

    Washu HakubiWashu Hakubi

    Ok i found out out that i was changing the right thing, but the file is not been updated on the IIS server.
    How do i force it to update?

    Images below to illustrate.

    File on the computer directory
    The file onpened on Visual Studio
    The file on IIS directory.
    The file when you click browse

    The same thing on other files, for instance i gotta delete the “tr.alt td” on both curVal.css and tableView.css to make the table don’t have the yellow-ish line every third line. But i delete and its not updating automatically, even tho the file say, it has been updated at 6:20am today.

    The event line that i want to change color is the same thing i have changed the right line to change its color but the IIS server is not been updated.

    I already rebooted the computer twice, and clicked on refresh in IIS in lots of places a lot of times, and i waited almost 2 hours for it to updated automatically.

    Do i need to delete the IIS virtual path thing and reinstall it manually, or is there a less radical way to do it?

    Windows 8.1, 64 bits.


    It’s weird.

    I usually do the following:
    1. Copy *.css to C:\SCADA\ScadaWeb\css overwriting the existing file.
    2. Open the web application in a browser and press Ctrl + F5

    If you think that a file is not updated, delete it first, press Ctrl+F5 to make sure that styles disappear, then copy the new file and press Ctrl+F5 again.

    Washu HakubiWashu Hakubi

    Well idk why for me the normal easy way is not working.
    Had to use the radical way but manage to find the solution.

    The IIS server is keeping a very persistent cache of itself so to make the files be updated in the server i have to make it in 3 steps.

    Step 1: Go to IIS manager and stop the server.
    Step 2: Delete all the temporary files that the server is using, at “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files”
    Step 3: Go to IIS manager and turn on the server.

    If someone else happens to get the same problem and can’t make it work with this steps it’s because there is another temporary file.
    Sometimes IIS saves temporary files on the appdata too.
    Go to “C:\Users\[your user name here]\AppData\Local\Temp”.

    I just delete everything but there is a folder there for the Temporary ASP.NET files sometimes. If you don’t like deleting all the temp files look for the right folder and delete just it.

    Edit: I’m using windows 8 64 bit windows, the patch will be different for a 32 bits

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