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    MySQL Apache server (Xampp) and Rapid Scada are both using port 80 by default.
    Well, MySQL Apache can be configured to listen on port other than 80 but from some reasons I must keep the default HTTP port 80.
    My question is if Rapid Scada server can be configured to use port other than 80?
    When I start MySQL Apache server after Rapid Scada is being installed I get port 80 busy and the server refuses to run. If Rapid Scada is uninstalled the MySQL Apache server is working properly.
    Thank you.


    The port 80 is used by Windows IIS.
    To change the IIS port, start IIS manager and press ‘sites’ on the right.
    The sites are shown along with theer binding port.
    Edit and change the binding port from 80 to another free port. I changed to 81.
    Rapid Scada web access is now at: http://localhost:81/Scada/ and port 80 is free.


    Thank you for the solution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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