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    We are trying to use RapidScada for production purposes to monitor hundreds of units through Modbus TCP. As you know bulk deployment and modification is very handy when the number of devices is large.

    We tried to copy the lines and devices through the configuration database but couldn’t, there is a limitation where the copy/paste works on on field only but not the entire raw in the db.

    Anyone can recommend a method to do bulk creation of similar devices and lines but with difference address and call number?



    The method I use is edit the xml files inside the yourprojectname/BaseXML folder. KP.xml is the device table; Incnl.xnl is input channel.

    If you are familiar with xml, you can write a script to generate a complete xml file.

    Or you can make 1 example in the configuration database first, then use a script or text editor to duplicate the lines and replace the content. then copy the lines your generated back to the xml file.

        <Descr />

    It’s possible to generate XML as specified above in Excel.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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