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    I made some software to work / interact with SCADA (mostly python). But I am not familiar with C# or scada native plugin.

    I am looking for a simpler way for integration if possible, so that I can share it to others. e.g., driver to communicate with BACnet or other protocol device. Maybe allowing other software to work as communication line?

    My current approach
    read data from server
    read the .dat files, which works fine also fast.

    send data to server
    after I get values from BACnet device, I have to start a modbus slave server and store data there. then setup scada communicator to read from modbus slave.

    receive command from server
    Instead of sending command to device, I put the values to a specified channel, then my program will decide what command to send base on those channels.



    I agree that an integration is needed for any programming platform. Drivers and modules are loaded by Communicator and Server which are .NET applications. So they must be written on .NET languages.

    receive command from server

    There is the KpHttpNotif.dll driver that can execute HTTP GET or POST request on command. You can use it.

    read data from server
    send data to server

    I think, the best solution is REST API or gRPC.
    Also in the version 6 we will provide OPC UA server for integration.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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