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    I would like to generate my own events from within the formula, since the current system does not allow changing the Limits dynamically. As already posted by someone else, there is a need to set the limits during the operation of the system, either by web user input, or running calculation as process progress.

    Solutions by Mikhail is to set input channel for comparison, this approach, however does not generate events into the events table, thus not able to track past events within the system (resorting to external writes may fill this but is not optimal as it requires the user to go outside SCADA web).



    In fact, you can create new statuses in the database and assign thresholds to formulas that will change the status of your new notifications.

    Dictionaries – Event types



    1. This may be a heavy solution: create channels that indicate out of bounds and tick the checkbox to write events on change of these channels.

    2. Add generating events function to Automatic Control Module.

    3. Update Rapid SCADA mechanism of generating events. This is the best option.

    The 2nd and the 3rd items could be done on commercial basis faster. Or wait when we implement them for free.

    and assign thresholds to formulas that will change the status of your new notifications

    Yes, but changing status doesn’t generate events.


    Thanks for both replies above.

    My stop-gap method is to set a calc real channel with limit high = 0.001, which will force all values higher than limit to generate event with the high value noted in the event table. Of coure the return to normal value of ‘0’ will not be accurate as it is just used as flag to force a return when value is lower than limit.
    This approach will let the user see the high value event with all the associated data.


    I agree that this is an important issue. Thanks for paying attention to this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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