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    Michal Dziczkowski

    This topic will describe the nuances that the project should be considered to build a successful ScadaServer version 4.5.7 and its subsequent run on the Raspberry PI.

    Initial data:
    1. Ubuntu Operating System
    2. Fixed mono and monodevelop
    3. Either the cloned git or through the downloaded archive project with source code ScadaServer version 4.5.7

    Main features and start the server:

    1. After opening the project in the medium monodevelop must allow all of the dependencies required to successfully compile for references to libraries. You can also create a Debug folder of the project the necessary directory structure and configuration files for a test run and test the performance.

    2. After resolving all dependencies are usually a compilation ScadaServer project runs without errors, but warnings about some unused variables in the project.

    3. Continue straight ahead in the medium can be made starting the server in debug mode. Status and information on the server is written to the log files located in the Log folder. If the server configuration structure is built properly and all the configuration files base on location and not beaten, the logs are seeing the following problem: “An error occurred while compiling the source code of the formulas: …”
    The error occurs in Calculator.cs file 173v line method takes the stream using (Stream stream = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly ().
    GetManifestResourceStream ( «Scada.Server.Svc.CalcEngine.cs»)). By default, the project assembled, it returns Null. To solve this problem, you need to check IDE MonoDevelop project BuildAction CalcEngine.cs property for the file. Why is it the default Compile, and should be EmbeddedResource. Correcting this property is necessary to re-compile the project. When you restart the server, this error disappears. When you build on Ubuntu other errors do not occur if you run after assembly.

    4. Transfer the compiled project structure under Mono on Raspberry PI (OS Raspbian) with installed mono-runtime. I describe the case without the use of the graphics subsystem. When you first start in the logs there is an error associated with reading formulas. This error occurs if the following image and fill in the initial configuration Locales menu is not selected as the default locale en_US.UTF-8. To remedy must be re-configured using the command dpkg-reconfigure locales and select the default locale en_US.UTF-8. Then restart the raspberry pi. (This information is from Michael)

    5. At this point, Scada Server should start without error. But to reduce the number of write operations to the flash card, you must create a temporary file storage type tempfs and implement it automatically mount at startup by placing in the file / etc / fstab, the following configuration line
    tmpfs / home / pi / RunRS / Log tmpfs defaults, noatime, size = 50m 0 0
    tmpfs / home / pi / RunRSComm / Log tmpfs defaults, noatime, size = 50m 0 0
    Where / home / pi / RunRS / Log path to the directory you want to place in temporary storage. In our case, the place where the folder Log ScadaServer and Scada communicator.
    If necessary, you can place any directory that is supposed to store temporary information. That is, after you restart the information from the specified directory will disappear. (This information is from Michael)

    Currently in its practice and baseline assembly with other challenges faced.

    Orginal text done by Vyacheslav(in russian) can be found here


    Thanks for the translation!

    Michal Dziczkowski

    Google isn’t the best tool for translation (not very exact) but it’s good if some one don’t know the source language

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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