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    Driver for Danfoss ECL 200/300

    The driver can read and write to RAM and EEPROM.
    Writing to the EEPROM can be disabled manually by attributes in the configuration file

    <DevTemplate Name="Danfoss_ECL300" WriteEvenRAM="true" WriteOnlyRAM="false">

    WriteOnlyRAM = “true” Writing values to RAM only

    WriteEvenRAM = “false” With this parameter, the lowest byte (odd address) will be written to the native address, no recording took place on the test ECL (the reason is not clear, although according to the logs of the exchange with native software, it seems like the recording should take place, I left the variable as a service one)

    If there are no variables, their values will be assumed to be WriteEvenRAM = true and WriteOnlyRAM = false by default.

    Place odd byte variables immediately after the even ones, this will reduce the number of polls, the sbyte variable with an odd address will be read immediately from the sbyte variable of an even address


    Source Code

    Driver for RapidScada version 6

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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