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    Hello, as your software seemed easy of use, I tried it with an Allen Bradley PLC in OPC.
    But with both RSLinx and MatrikonOPC, I was unable to retrieve any data from the device.
    Am I missing something ? Is it possible not to use your KpModbus.dll ?



    KpModbus.dll is used for Modbus communicating without OPC server. This is preferable approach if a controller supports Modbus.
    In case of using OPC, you should use KpOpc.dll. Don’t forget to install OPC Core Components (scroll the page to the bottom).

    Please clarify, what way of configuration do you choose. Screenshots will help.


    Rapid scada works Allen bradley PLC.
    Use rslinx oem on the same machine as Rapid scada, or use rslinx gateway if rapid scada is on deffirent computer.
    Kepserverex with Controllogix driver also works.
    The tag name inside the opc server would be the same as the tag name inside the plc.

    I have success using kepserverex with rapid scada.


    Thank you, this is useful info! OPC servers often work with tricks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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