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    2018-09-21 02:54:40 Error compiling the source code of the formulas:

    This message means that there is a problem in a formula of input channel. You should fix the formula and restart the Server service.
    See line 571 in C:\SCADA\ScadaServer\Log\CalcEngine.cs to find out what is the formula is incorrect.

    AvatarMuhd Afham

    OK thanks, it working.


    This exception message says you’re trying to connect to the same host ( ), while you’re stating that your server is running on a different host. This represents a ‘loopback’ . It allows the computer to communicate with itself via network protocol .

    Dns.GetHostEntry(IPAddress.Loopback).HostName returns the host name of your machine. When you pass a host name to TcpClient , it will resolve it to one or more IP addresses using Dns.GetHostAddresses(hostName) . This includes the public and local IP addresses of your machine (e.g., but not (loopback address). So your client is trying to connect to any of the non-loopback addresses of your machine, while your server is listening only on the loopback address . So, no connection can be established. The solution to this problem is that connect to the same end point your server is listening on.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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