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    Dear Mikhail,

    Events can be configured to be displayed at the bottom part of the main web page,

    my suggestion is to re arrange the structure setting such a way that,

    we can have 3 categories of events:-

    1) All event (ack or un acknowledged both for all the views)
    2) Current View ALL event (ack or un acknoledged both)
    3) Current View events (un ack only)
    4) Alarm can also be of choice to generate sound till event is acknowledged, so that no event can go un acknowledged.



    Yes, you right.
    Furthermore, event filter should be extended to allow filtering by channel, object (location) and device.

    There is another interesting possibility – implement a separate tool window contains not ack events.

    All the above tasks can be done fast in case of commercial project or can be done later according to the current priorities. First of all, we are planning to replace the old web app by the new one. At the second, develop a new suitable scheme editor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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