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    Dear RAPIDSCADA team.
    I am currently developing a SCADA for a catholic protection process using Rapid SCADA. This method of protection is based on using anodes connected to a DC power source to protect a pipeline from corrosion.

    The supervision of this process consist on recollecting multiple values of voltage and current that are provided by wireless transmitters located on the anodes all the way along the pipeline. It also needs to include a feature that turns off the current supply in case of a failure.

    I am currently creating the device template by using the editor included in RapidSCAD; i was able to configure successfully the input devices which in this case are represented on groups of elements as voltage and current on each anode. However, I’m not sure how to define and configure a command that sends a signal to the current drive so it would turn off.
    The communication protocol that is being used is Modbus TCP.



    You create an interesting system.

    What Modbus registers do you need to set by a command?
    You could try to configure the command as you expect, and if it doesn’t work, post screenshot links of the settings to discuss them.


    Add a command to your Modbus template, restart Communicator and try the command using the UI of Communicator. When you sure it works, you can add output channel in Administrator.

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