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    Well, I am a bit stuck with instalation on RPi 2B.

    I use the official Raspbian version of Rapid SCADA, with previously installed Apache2 on Rpi.

    I follow the “install with apache” file. So i dont install Apache 2 again.

    The first thing, which i noticed to go wrong is the “adding mono repository.. “, nr. 5 in installing instructions. When I follow the link and enter the first “sudo” commandline, it gives me something “no dirmngr” error.

    Then I proceeded with installation. Nr. 6 looks to be completed OK. It takes quite loong time.. So I didn’t stayed in front of monitor for whole time..

    Nr. 7 is skiped, I already have Apache2

    Nr. 8 it gives me a “not enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives error” and I can not continue with installation. Filemanager really shows 0 bytes free… I did delete some files, still 0 bytes free..

    Question…. How much space does Rapid SCADA need to be installed at all? I intentially used the smallest SD card with 8GB of memory..

    Is it possible to get plain image file of the working RPI SCADA? With this main instalation steps would be skiped and one could get it running faster

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    I will go for it.




    I am new here. And also new (first-time user) in Scada. So myquestions could look a bit… silly 🙂

    I hawe few questions:
    1. is Rapid SCADA able to run on a Raspberry Pi Zero? The small one with integrated Wifi capabillity. Well, this I could test myself, but I am not familiar with SCADA of any type (yet), so it is better to ask You..

    2. is it possible for Rapid SCADA to fetch and use data from Raspberry’s RS232 port. I do have an AVR controller controling my house heating and it is sending the data over RS232 to a Raspberry. Sended / Fetched data looks like this:

    00002:26:45	00002:26:45	00002:26:45	
    00.00.00 00:00:00	0350	0455	0310	0291	X-------	--------	00002:26:45	00002:26:45	00002:26:45	00002:26:45	

    this is date and time data, temperatures, and data representing the state / status of controller with the “x” and “-” strings.
    The data is sended in, let’s say 5 minutes interval. The data represented is an ASCII data, delimited with TAB, and at the end there is a CR/LF symbol. It can easilly be imported to Excell or Calc in Linux.

    Controller is my own product, so I can (possibly) change the format of sended data…

    3. Can Rapid SCADA send ASCII string over RS232?

    THX in advance and greetingh from Slovenia

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)