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    Yes, agreed but then we are back to the beginning of the issue where this “not saving/associating the Request-Sequence XML file (template) with a device” problem appears to exist with the “latest” version v5.8.2 of Rapid SCADA.

    If anything, just curious to know if you can reproduce the issue I am seeing in v.5.8.2.


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    I could not find any way to easily determine which version of Rapid SCADA is installed. Might be nice to have the “About” feature of the Administrator application show the versions of the overall product as wells as the modules. Just a thought.

    In any case. I DO have the latest version of Rapid SCADA installed and this does appear to be a bug in version 5.8.2. Would be interested to know if you, or another, can replicate the issue on your end.

    I UNinstalled v.5.8.2, INSTALLED 5.7.1, which I had downloaded some time ago, and the problem is gone.

    Many thanks.

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    Sorry, it appears that I DID download and install the latest version of Rapid SCADA 5.8, but when I looked for the version I had installed before posting this issue, I used the “About” button for the “Administrator” sub-application which displays

    The installer/uninstaller does show v.5.8.

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    in reply to: Ubuntu Installation Forbidden from Apache2 #4801

    Sorry to have bother you my friend; maybe someone else may find this useful however…

    I figured it out.

    It was the OS-level file/directory permissions of the “/var/www/html/scada/” directory and its sub-contents.

    The original “ownership” was set by Ubuntu as “me” (my user id used to install the software), and the originally installed user/group permissions did not include “Read” for others.

    I just whacked it using:
    sudo chmod -R 755 * on “/var/www/html/scada/”.

    in reply to: SNMP (Channel 5/Local PC) Comm Errors #3317


    I had assumed that as the SNMP portion (comm channel) of Rapid Scada was installed by default, that the “answering“-side (the Windows SNMP service itself)was already similarly both installed and configured.

    …and we all know what is generally said about assuming :>)

    Thanks once again Mikhail. Your reply immediately lead me in the right direction to solve this Communicator Module SNMP Channel Error issue.

    It turns out that I

      DID NOT

    even have the SNMP services installed and running on the Windows 10 Professional host machine which is actually running the Rapid Scada platform.

    I therefore installed this Windows Feature and then created the required public Community Name and READ_ONLY rights>READ_ONLY rights.

    ..then after restarting the Communicator Module/Service, all was “well again under the sun”.

    …greatly appreciate your help.

    in reply to: SQL Updates to Minutely and Hourly Data #3307

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but I could not find a forum pose “edit” feature.

    LINQ: .NET Language-Integrated Query (interesting possible approach…)

    The answer to my question about the existing archive data file editor sub-app is also answered via the GitHub source code for that object/app:

    (.Net C#)
    * Product : Rapid SCADA
    * Module : SCADA-Server Control
    * Summary : Editing or viewing snapshot table form

    One cool thing is that this archive data editing can all be tested/manipulated completely OFFLINE simply by copying one or more target archive data files locally “to play with”.

    Nice work!

    in reply to: SQL Updates to Minutely and Hourly Data #3306

    …just so that you know that I did try to find a solution by searching, I did also find these existing topics/documents (nobody likes a lazy forum user repeatedly asking questions already answered):

    Modyfying Archive Data Forum Post


    Rapid SCADA Integration

    I was just looking for something quick-and-easy”.

    You did show some good info about how this .NET DatTableobject and the SrezTableLight “entrancement” are implemented. Most of this is table-READ based however.

    in reply to: SQL Updates to Minutely and Hourly Data #3305

    Please do send me some command line examples. This would be very helpful.

    Is there any documentation on the archive data’s actual file format?

    What app is actually used to both view and edit the archive data (“data grid Editor” sub app) within the “Server” application?

    Thank you for taking the time to support this app Mikhail.

    in reply to: ChartPro Maximum Display Period #3297

    Thank you very much Mikhail.

    in reply to: ScadaWeb.log – Config/Retention Parameters #3182

    Could it be only 1 MB?

    …and then it writes it (backs it up to) ..\ScadaWeb.log.bak?

    ..then it creates a new ScadaWeb.log file.

    That is what I am seeing so far.

    Wiping it out (deleting it) at some fixed size and starting new (without any preservation of the original contents) would not provide any “continuity” of historical entries.

    I’m just trying to track who is logging in and out over time to the SCADA web app.

    Thanks again.


    in reply to: Automatic Control Module – Send eMail #3072

    Thanks Mikhail.

    I got her going now… Nice work on this email outgoing communication line.

    Two settings I noticed:

    1) Needed to use the gmail TLS port as was installed by Rapid SCADA set at port 587 (not SSL 465).

    2) Needed to set gmail account settings”
    “Allow less secure apps:” ON
    Some apps and devices use less secure sign-in technology, which could leave your account vulnerable. You can turn off access for these apps (which we recommend) or choose to use them despite the risks.

    One more question though:

    Is there any way to dynamically access/reference a channel’s value in the email “Subject” or email “message body”, or would one need to have separate “Triggers” for this type of dynamic email content functionality and have the fixed email content associated with each separate trigger?

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