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    Hi to all:

    I’m here with a question…

    How I can configure a cold start of a Rapid Scada project?

    I mean, if the server with the Rapid Scada proyect must be restarted, the most of the administrator or scada operators wait for a restart with out logins forms.

    Another example, whats happens if the electric source is interrupted for a brief time? the operator(s) must be look the SCADA system as (s)he view it the last time without need to move any finger.

    By now, I can configure Windows to start with autologon, and start automatically the browser but… RapidScada wait for a user/password yet.

    Thanks and I’m waiting for any feedback.




    Anyway, it’s needed to modify the web application.

    Possible approach of implementation:
    – A user have to tick Remember me on logon.
    – Change JS not to redirect to Login.aspx, if it is impossible to check that user is logged on.
    – Restore logon by JavaScript in the master page.

    If a user doesn’t tick Remember me, it’s impossible to automatically log him in after restart of a web server.


    Option 2.
    Create a plugin that automatically login any user with the same username when he opens a web page of Rapid SCADA.


    But if a browser shows the error page (e.g., Server Unavailable), user at least have to refresh page manually.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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